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A Moses or A Deborah (The Deliverer)

Happy Fourth Day of Thanks Everyone!

Have you ever noticed that in each family there is always one person who specifically has the task of being the glue for that family? It's usually not the "popular" person or the one known to create the most drama. It's the one, most often, in the background who says little but drops wisdom bombs, has the God connection and will pray heaven down to earth for everybody, knows everybody's movement and needs, and will protect the family at all cost. That person is who I call a Moses or a Deborah, or if you will, The Deliverer of the family.

As a Moses/Deborah is the glue for a family in the natural, so is he or she in the spirit as well. Moseses and Deborahs are generational pattern (curse) breakers in the spirit, standing in the gap, to break the chains and bondages off of their families as well as usher in new legacies of blessings. Often times, a Moses or Deborah is created/raised up to save his/her family.

Moseses and Deborahs don't have easy tasks and often never volunteer for their roles. They are chosen by God, although most times secretly hated within their families, and through life's tribulations trained to be who they are for their family.

Are you the Moses or Deborah for your family or your generation? If so, no matter what keep pressing. The fruits of your labor will save your family or people. I'm so grateful to and thank God for you Moseses and Deborahs who break unhealthy patterns and carve new legacies for the next generation. I'm grateful that you are the watch dogs who uphold, cover and protect the several generations of your family in prayer and snatch folks out of hell's grip. This is my ode to you.

Breaking Curses (A 40 day Saga)

Who knew?

Sexually violating semen

wrapped in blood

created life and

carried a loaded gun

whose outcome and target was

Generational destruction.

Quietly and subtlely

the bullets discharged

carving maliciously unstoppable paths

Hatred for men:

produced a grandmother, mother, daughters and women grandchildren who would never wed

or submit to a covenant that wouldn't last past

a night of lust

Bunches of babies with no daddies

Fed the milk of self-loathing, rejection and anger

In vitro.

Sexual enslavement:

Bodies sold for a feel good;

Poles knowing body heat and comfort

created for another human soul

Abominable desires,

damaging and rotting out one's core,

take its toll.


Gender confusion:


Alphabet soup and He/she/it/they became the identifiers

instead of one's name.


Emotionless denial of life's existence blinded

eyes to rape, molestation and incest.

Suicidal thoughts

worsened drive and will

causing the gambling of one's life away.

Once depression in one generation

turned into psychopathy and mind-altering

conditions in the fourth (generation).


Bipolar/ADHD/Autism/OCD/ODD/ schizophrenia

with much love, therapy, time, deliverance

must be broken.

That violation.

That curse

was not a one-time incident.

It was generational genocide


It was broken

(by The Deliverer).

As we give thanks for the deliverers in our families, I ask that you consider donating to the organization A21 ( aka Abolish Slavery in the 21st Century. This organization is a watch dog against human trafficking and provides comprehensive services for survivors to obtain a new life after the trauma of being sexual trafficked.

Love ya,

Have a Great Day of Thanks

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