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A Praise Breakthrough

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

"Breakthrough" by Eddie James

Happy First Day of Thanks Everyone! Today I am truly thankful for Breakthrough.

Yesterday morning my soul was feeling so weighed down. My expectations, once again, had gotten the best of me. I wanted breakthrough! Breakthrough in my finances, in my business, in my creative endeavors, in my relationships, concerning Lilahs healing and deliverance, all my prayers lifted before God. Breakthrough!

The bills were piled up and past due as I was waiting for payment for jobs I completed. The 17 years of slow, baby steps towards Delilah's progress and healing were gratifying, yet not enough. I was still trying to close a bank account after two months because someone in Florida named Melissa S. Myers had written fraudulent checks on my account and went to a Chase Bank in that same state and completely wiped my account out. (Total inside job!!!!!) I was also trying to solidify Lilahs' next dental appointment as continued follow-up for extensive work she needs done, after taking a face first fall during a seizure in September, ripping out and cracking her front teeth.  I didn't get to start this year's Thirty Days of Thanks Movement as I had planned and definitely didn't have enough money to donate to all of my favorite charities. (I took my last pennies before giving Tuesday and played eni-meni-myni-mo to give six of my favorite charities something in honor of the Thirty Days of Thanks movement. Very hurt and disappointed by my failed expectations, I thought to myself, "at least it's something, God. Please take it bless it and multiply it.") Last, but not least, I hadn't received a response from about my audiobook submission and had aches in my stomach just thinking about having to edit more audio content. 

I should mention here that I have a new found respect for voice actors and audio/video editors. It is very hard, tedious work. (Imagine me taking my hat off to you and bowing now.)

To be honest, this audio project knocked the wind out of me.  God had to truly sustain me because there were so many days and nights I wanted to throw in the towel. There was such a great deal of warfare as I spent months recording and editing the content. It was way more than the typical "Thirty Day of Thanks" warfare- i.e. broken computer screens, programs abruptly malfunctioning-- which foretold that many folks would be beyond blessed by this project. After submitting the audio project, I not only had battle scars but serious fatigue. There were many around-the-clock nights editing, while life still had to happen. My morning prayer for two weeks before submitting the project went much like this, "God, i don't think I have anything else to give so I'm asking that you please give me your strength." One day, I asked my friend to send me reminders to not give up. (Thank God for her and her prayers!!!!!) Another day when I was feeling at my weakest,  with all the strength and praise I could muster, I called that same friend, turned on the song "Breakthrough" by Eddie James and for 9 minutes did a David-like victory dance, in advance for my breakthrough.

I promise you that praise was "undignified" and laid everything I had on the altar, just to make the enemy mad for thinking he could make me surrender my destiny. The reality of my situation did not warrant dancing or praising or shouting. But, I did it anyway, in advance, remembering Psalms 149 verses 6 through 9. My privilege was that I could execute judgement on the enemy by stomping on his head, stopping him dead in his tracks. I couldn't let him take any more ground from me!!!! I praised like my breakthrough was coming, in fact, like it was already here. After that 9 minutes of undignified praise, I was out of breath and almost without a voice. Something inside of me knew that the prophetic word God released to me--"I will indwell in your high praise. For only in your high praise will I show up as the Breaker and release a breaker anointing that will unleash miracles, signs and wonders"-- had taken root. My daddy was about to step into my situations and turn some things around. I laid me down at the altar of sacrifice while God was about to rise up, indwell in my praise, and be completely glorified. I gave it all. 

Days passed and still nothing. 

Then, suddenly, as I was preparing bags of clothes and shoes for the migrants families in the NYC shelters, it appeared. I was so engrossed in the task at hand, I didn't even realize it until hours later. A message came to my email from Audible that morning saying, "Congratulations your book, Thirty Days of Thanks: A Journey Towards Healing and Deliverance [was approved and] is now available on" My spirit leaped for joy because this was truly a miracle. Breakthrough didn't stop there. God sent an angel to pay the rent so that we could keep a roof over our head. The job had also contacted me to let me know that the money was on the way.  (Thank you Jesus!)


When I didn't see my way through, I praised my way to breakthrough and God inhabited my undignified "high" praise and unleashed miracles. 

Today, because of the nature of this breakthrough, I'm going to ask you to support the Thirty Days of Thanks Movement by buying a book for yourself, friends, and relatives, whether via, Kindle, or Amazon. If you want a personalized, autographed copy, please order your book via the website so that with the proceeds, we can donate to more of our favorite charities. (With the "pennies" I had, the Thirty Days of Thanks Movement donated to UpbeatNYC, Smile Train, St. Jude's, The Ronald McDonald House, A21, and the Cheryl Porter Foundation. But, we have so many more amazing charities to go.)

Love Ya,

Have a Great Day of Thanks!

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