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Abstract Art

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Day 17: Abstract Art

“But as for me, this mystery has been revealed to me, not because of any wisdom that I have more than all the living, but in order that the interpretation may be made known to the king, and that you may know the thoughts of your mind.” Daniel 2:30

Happy Seventeenth Day of Thanks Everyone!

I give thanks for the beauty and interpretation of abstract art. Every person who looks on it will see a different thing and have a different interpretation.

One of my neighbors, who I consider a dear friend and a beautiful self-made artist/designer started taking up painting as a way to heal his inner spirit. He is a creative and is one of those persons who can use a scrap of anything and turn it into something wonderful. Sometimes, I wish he knew just how amazing he really is. Several months ago, he found some left over paint in our building’s basement and begin to explore how to mix it with other pigment dyes and finishes to create some of the most wonderful master pieces that he has been designing.

A few weeks ago, my friend told me that he was gifting Lilah one of the paintings that he just created for her birthday. I thought that was so cute because Lilah had gifted him one of her really pretty paintings last year or the year before for his birthday, which is a few days before hers. A few days ago, he came downstairs with her present. After a long glance, I smiled. According to my interpretation, it is the perfect painting for Lilah and confirmation of the prophetic words that I was given two weeks prior. My neighbor said, “I started to give her one of the paintings that I had done already. But, something told me not to give her one of those but to make her one. So, I made this one for her. I’m calling it Alpha and Omega.” Lilah looked at the painting and started to smile really big. I guess she liked what it represented too. Not only is it amazingly beautiful, I feel like the art piece speaks of and interprets so much of her past and present life.

One of the things I love about abstract art is that most people will see from the lens of their lives and their experience. I displayed the artwork on one of my social media outlets and also asked some people to give their interpretation of the art piece. This is what folks said that they saw.

“Two water ballerinas dancing under water with a dolphin.”

“A person falling in water and a dolphin.”

“I see something aquatic. Then I see birds. Then I see two girls in the sky.”

“To the right, there is definitely a dragon. There is a long barrier that looks like a wall. A girl/woman is behind the wall. Then on her left side, she is holding a sword. There is another dragon on the ledge. At first it looks like a wave.”

“I see a soldier wounded in the center resting as he’s about to get attacked by a dragon on the right side. As strange as it sounds, I see the soldier looking away from the dragon and yet confident like he did his job. Almost like he laid his life down for something and he knows what he did was right. He lost the battle but dies in honor. To the left idk. Maybe the terrain. Maybe an opening of a cave. Maybe even someone observing the scene.”

“It’s definitely about somebody fighting off something.”

“I’m seeing oceans and dragons or sea monsters.”

“First, I saw a woman but looking closer to her face it looks like a demon.”

“For some reason, it triggers some fear, some intervention, some gaze. Evil eye as we say.”

“It looks like an angry lady.”

“I see two cherubims on each side of the face of the lion of Judah, who’s in the middle sitting on the mercy seat.”

“A pretty ocean.”

“Animals swimming under water—dolphins or stingrays.”

“Three dragons; two attacking, one defending—and strongly holding off the two.”

“Deer dragons or dolphins. A swordsman on a horse.”

Isn’t it amazing how everyone saw something completely different? What do you see? I told you that when I saw the painting I felt like it spoke of and even interpreted Lilah’s life up to this point. Here is what I see. In the middle of the painting, I see a girl (Lilah) standing, hidden behind the huge wings of an angel or God, who is protecting her from a horse-like/dragon-like demon on the right side, who is really in front of them trying to get at her. On the left side I see a horse carrying a dark knight, which represents Hades or Death (like in the Book of Revelations), who is also being warded off by a sword. I can’t tell if the sword is in the hand of the angel/God, which would make it the sword of judgement, or if it’s in Delilah’s hands, which would make it the sword of the Spirit which is also the Word of God. (Whichever sword it is, it is a “bad mamma jamma!”) The Bible says that the sword of the spirit, which represents the Word of God, is sharper than any double-edged sword and cuts so deep that it divides soul and spirit as well as the joints and marrow. I hope we all know and can agree that God’s sword of judgement is completely invincible and will destroy any enemy. Thus, she (Lilah) is protected, although she is surrounded.

If any of you know about Lilah’s life, she has been near death several times with bouts of epilepsy but escaped them all and is still alive and breathing. She has undergone plenty of attacks to her physical body, which has led to surgery or having extremely high fevers from which she should have never recovered. But, she was protected and survived. When younger, she had sensory and speech deficits, which didn’t allow her to feel physical pain or tell when something very painful was happening to her. But, she is still alive and not harmed. She has had attacks on her mind that created suicidal behaviors, like running into the middle of an eight-lane street with oncoming traffic or laying in the middle of a street with oncoming traffic. She has gone into rage fits, hurting people. But, she was never hurt, never injured and always protected. Are you starting to understand my interpretation now? Coupled with what I know, having walked through life with Lilah, two weeks earlier, a prophet told me “the person I see who lays in your lap, who you hold and coddle and rub her head all the time, God says that she is protected because He is and has been holding and shielding her the same way you do.” The painting served as another confirmation for me of that earlier word. Yet another set of confirmations were when the artist said that he had to create a painting just for Lilah and he was calling it “Alpha and Omega” and when she smiled really deep at seeing it. It was like her smile was saying, “yup, that’s my protection!”

I love it! God is so awesome in His creativity and how He allows it to flow and manifest in the earth, such as with the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, and through people with artistic ability. As we give thanks for art today, I invite you to bless and donate to the organization Artists with Autism Inc. ( who has created a platform and mentor programing for aspiring autistic artist to create businesses and sell their own art as a viable alternative to traditional employment. Please check out their artwork and support them as much as you can. This organization was started by an autism mom for her son who at the age of 18 continued to be rejected from traditional employment spaces but was very gifted at creating cards and works of art. As you all know, Lilah is very gifted in the arts and creates works that are absolutely beautiful and amazing. She just turned 18 years and maybe in the same position very soon. I would love to know that her talents and gifts can be supported to give her a viable alternative to traditional employment as well. Additionally, if you'd love to see more or purchase some of my friend's artwork, let me know.

Love ya,

Have a great day of thanks!

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