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Beautiful Lyrics

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Day 9: Beautiful Lyrics

“He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many people will see this and worship him. Then they will trust the Lord.” Psalms 40:3 NCV

Happy Ninth Day of Thanks Everyone!

I am so thankful for the beautiful lyrics in amazing songs.

For those of you who have been on this journey with me from the very beginning, you know how much I love music and to sing. There is nothing like the words of a song that can set the tone to a season in your life, define your mood, or simply encourage or inspire you.

About two months ago, in the 4 or 5 am hour, I woke up from my sleep to pray. An hour or so later, I left my prayer time super excited because God had just given me some directives in the next phase of healing for Delilah. I was told to anoint and pray over the Broca, Wernicke and visual cortex area of Delilah’s head. For those of you who don’t have a medical background, reading what I just wrote did not make you super excited (like it did me) at all. In fact, what I just wrote is like I was speaking Chinese to you. But for those of you who do have a medical background (and you can remember what those areas are), you are probably just as excited as I am. Those areas of the brain are where speech and language are processed.

For a mommy with a child that at one point was aphasic and has been minimally verbal for the last 14 years, you now know why I am excited. If God was giving me directives to anoint and pray for those areas of Lilah’s brain, it means that God is up to something and that we are about to see breakthrough in that area of Delilah’s life. (Yay!) Everyone I know can tell you just how super excited I was and how I requested that they join me in praying for those areas of Lilah’s brain too. (You too can now join all of us already praying!)

I got busy with those directives, praying as I was instructed. Then a few days later, I heard it! I heard a song in my spirit as I was between the semi-sleep and semi-awake state that set the tone for this season of my and Delilah’s life. It solidified and confirmed that God’s directives meant that He was up to something. In fact, it is probably the next song that Lilah will have to learn on her piano. The song is called “Watch What He Will Do.” It is sang by Anthony Evans but was created by Cross Point Music. This song is absolutely amazingly beautiful and inspiring. If I am being honest, when I listen to it, it goes on repeat in my playlist. Every time I sang it for Lilah, she would laugh and smile and sing along with me. That’s also how I knew the song was incredible; it captured the heart of my princess. This is a song that spoke life into my and Lilah’s expectation of what God has in store for us and what He will do for our lives. I invite you to, first, read the bare bone lyrics:

Verse 1: Bring your shackles/Every shadow/Lay them all down, lay them all down At the empty tomb/Bring your stresses/Every question/And lay them all down, lay them all down/At the empty tomb/At the empty tomb Chorus: Watch what He will do/Watch what He will do/If He conquered the grave Then there's nothing too great/Watch what He will do/Watch what He will do Verse 2:Bring your passions/Every treasure/Lay them all down, lay them all down At the empty tomb/At the empty tomb

Bridge: Better get ready for your miracle/Get ready for your joy/You better get ready for revival/'Cause it's comin', it's comin' (x3).

Now, I invite you to hear the song: (

Don’t those words capture the essence of how you feel at times? Don’t you feel like life sometimes gives you blows that feel like weights and shackles? Don’t you long to release the problems, weights, and stresses of life because sometimes they just get too unbearable for you to carry them anymore? Isn’t it amazing, inspiring and wonderful that you can release them to a God who will receive them and exchange them for joy? Doesn’t the song get you super excited and have you preparing and getting ready for the miracle that God is going to do in your life? Doesn’t it remind you that the impossibility of your situation can meet the possibility of our awesome and Mighty God and be conquered, just like death and the grave? Wow!

If the song didn’t do that for you, you have to listen to it again. Listen until the lyrics penetrate your mind and soul. Listen until your thoughts come into alignment with the fact that God loves you so much and wants you to be worry free, burden free and filled with joy. Listen until you are filled with expectation that you will see the change in your situation that you want and need to see. Listen until you trust and believe in the “I am that I am” God that will be anything and everything that you need because God will do anything and everything for you. Close your eyes and listen. Those who have ears will surely hear.

Today as we give thank for music and beautiful lyrics, I invite you to bless the organization, Upbeat NYC ( For years, this organization has labored to provided free music lessons for youth in the South Bronx. The instruments taught range from the piano, viola, violin, saxophone, clarinet, drums to the cello. Even through COVID, children have not missed a beat and continue to receive virtual lessons. They have developed an outstanding jazz band and orchestra and our local community has been blessed by their performances. Upbeat has some amazing teachers who are completely dedicated to our children in the realm of the musical arts. Two of our children were showcased at Lincoln Center last year. I’m praying (and expecting) that, through Upbeat NYC, our South Bronx youth in the jazz band and orchestra will one day collectively be able to grace the stages of Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center and show them that great things are still coming out of the Bronx.

Love Ya,

Have a great Day of Thanks!

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