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I love it when I am still; it is in those moments where God gives me the next wave of creative and witty inventions. Last year, through her Ugly Christmas Sweater contest, my best friend Irene gave Lilah and me our big idea for Lilah’s Christmas business. We created a homemade “Pretty Ugly Christmas Sweater."

The pieces for the sweaters are the prettiest decorative homemade Christmas ornaments that you will ever see, because Lilah is very artistic and creative. However, our arrangement of those pieces on the sweater makes them very qualified for the Ugly Christmas Sweater category. Because I am adamant about Lilah having a job where she can use her inherent artistic talents, we even coordinated that her school work study would be dedicated to working on her Christmas sweaters. It has been such fun for me, Lilah and her respite worker these past few weeks as we created some of the specialty Christmas ornaments for the sweaters. Folks who have gotten glimpses of the work think Lilah should sell them as individual ornaments. I have been contemplating that idea and was going to sit down with her to see what she thinks about it. Our creative pursuits give me and Lilah a ton of quality time together but it also lets me see just how creative and expressive she wants to be with her projects. Her projects are also a creative way for her to give financially to organizations and charities that are doing great work in the world. We usually donate 5-10% of her earning to a charity or organization. Hopefully, we will be completed with the ornaments soon and ready for the next phase of bringing them together on the sweaters. We hope you will be one of Lilah’s Christmas customers, either buying individual ornaments or sweaters, and that you enjoy the holidays virtually with your own Pretty Ugly Christmas Sweater contest.

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