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Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Day 4: Everything

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Happy Thanksgiving and Fourth Day of Thanks Everyone!

Today, I give thanks for EVERYTHING—the good, the bad, the great, the indifferent. EVERYTHING! For I am learning to be content in all things and all situations.

On this Thanksgiving Day, like yesterday, I woke up to Delilah having a seizure. Most of you know the hardship of Lilah’s (and my) journey with her catamenial (a.k.a menstrual/hormone-induced) seizures since 7. 5 years old and our deepest heart’s desire for God to do the supernatural miracle of completing her healing until she is seizure and autism free. Most of you also know that I am a praying (intercessory) machine and that I take God at his word when he tells us in I Thessalonians 5:17 to pray continually and without ceasing. In tears, as I had my ritual conversation with God, I asked him to help me not be weary in my well doing as we fight for Lilah’s healing. It has been a rough almost twelve-year journey of heart-ache, near death experiences, and suffering. Because we have endured so much, I wonder and ask God “when will it be our time to see complete victory?” In addition to asking that frequent question, my sincerest and humblest request was that God helps my perspective to not be defiled by what I don’t have but to focus on the great and wonderful things that I do have. Any of you who are reading this reflection know just how much your heart can hurt or how overwhelming it is to see your loved one(s) sick. Sometimes, the all-consuming nature of the situation or sickness will cause us to forget to see the many blessing that are right before us. I want to always be intentional about seeing and rejoicing in the many blessings that I do have because they are so much more plentiful than what I don’t have.

Since that prayer, God has allowed my mind to think on all of the things that I do have. While I am experiencing the present reality of Lilah’s seizure and a depth of sorrow that my baby is having a horrible, painful menstrual cycle, I rejoice that:

*Delilah Christina is still in the land of the living. She turned 18 years old last week and we are still celebrating. Today, after her seizures, she is still breathing and ready and willing to do life with me.

*After her post-ictal state on both days, she looked up at me, slightly lethargic, and tried to crack a smile to settle my heart and make sure that I am okay. (Her smiles and her joy mean the world to me and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in this world.)

*After every seizure Lilah has ever had, she sings to and worships the Lord. “Before the Throne” by Shekinah Glory is one of her favorites and will stay on repeat until an atmosphere of worship is established in our home.

* Lilah has a comfortable bed and a roof over her head, so that even in her pain, she has some comfort. We used to be homeless, living in the NYC shelter system.

* I am an author who is constantly being reminded that the folks reading my book have been blessed in a special way by it. (It is the Holiday Season, please consider buying a copy of the book to gift to family and friends. They will never be the same after taking the journey.)

* I was given a gift card and a ton of veggies that allowed us to have provision during this Holiday season. Many people don’t have food but I not only have the blessing of food but I can give out that blessing too—I shared my veggies with family and friends and several of my neighbors asked if they can stop by today to get a plate of food.

* The presence of Lilah’s nurse and some much-needed help to watch her while I made errands and cook, allowed me to prepare some of Lilah’s favorite and requested keto version of dishes (ie. Ziti and macaroni and cheese) and desserts (chocolate brownies, carrot cake muffins and ice cream) for her to enjoy when she gets her strength. I absolutely love to cook and bake (when I have the time).

* I made my and Mama Nehanda’s homemade stuffing recipe for this Thanksgiving meal. (It came out delicious!)

* I have function of my mind, my senses, and my limbs and have no sickness in my body.

* I have seen miracles of healing, signs and wonders (which will be another post) during these last two weeks that have just completely blown my mind.

*I have so many awesome people in my life (family and friends) who love me and Lilah so much.

*I was reminded by several people within the last two days that they are always lifting me and Lilah up during their prayer time and asking God for healing for her. (I know now that I am not alone in my prayers.)

*I can still write this post, with my spare monitor, although my laptop screen is cracked.

* My COVID-19 Pesquisa Research Project is moving forward; the IRB is approved and funding is on the way. (Pray with me that we will be able to expand our outreach to some of the building complexes and NYCHA in the Mott Haven-Port Morris area of the South Bronx.)

* My auntie is saving me some of her famous banana pudding. (Now if I can just get someone to make my late auntie’s crab salad and bring it to me, my heart will leap. God are you hearing that request?)

* Lilah and I with some help have completed at least seven of her unique Pretty Ugly Christmas Sweaters. (Let me know if you want to purchase one.)

*Most importantly, I have a God and Saviour, who loved me enough to send his son, Jesus, to come to this earth and die for my sins so that I can have a restored relationship with Him, a blessed life on this earth and a blessed eternal life.

For what are you grateful and rejoicing? Come on. Oil those rusty minds and let them bring to remembrance all the wonderful blessings that are taking place in your life, in spite of your hardships. Today, in the abundance or little of what you have, I invite all of you to share it. Make a baggie and gift it to a neighbor, a homeless person that you see on the street. Someone you know is in need of food, love and a smile. I pray that as you bless the someone else, you will reap 100 fold of prosperity (not just wealth but that everything concerning you be whole with nothing missing.)

Love ya,

Have a wonderful day of Thanks!

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1 Comment

Nov 29, 2020

Thank YOU for taking the time to re-visit, write and share with us. I am so blessed to know you and Lilah and am SO EXCITED to go where God is leading us. Love you and THANK YOU for loving, caring, praying and providing for Lilah as you have!!! Love YOU Both!

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