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Finishing What I started

"I don't know what you come to do" sang by Matelyn Alicia

Day 5: Finishing what I started.

Happy Fifth Day of Thanks everyone!

I woke up this morning at three o'clock, which is almost normal for me. After a quick morning greeting to God, I was determined to start some cleaning in the living room. If you know anything about me you know that I dred cleaning. Not because I don't like it, but because about 30 minutes into it my allergies are in full gear, I'm sneezing (and almost peeing on myself) every 3 three seconds, my sinuses and nasal passage gets irritated and if I don't take a break it will have my lungs completely raw for the next few days. I, literally, have to do cleaning around dusty places in 20-30 intervals.

During one of my breaks, I got a text from my great friend containing a picture of the cover of my new audiobook and a link to buy it. She said, "your voice is so soothing, you need to be on the radio or doing a podcast. I'm listening to you and the weight of this project and all the work you've done to get it finished just hit me. I'm so proud of you!"

You couldn't possibly understand how happy I was to hear those words. The magnitude of my accomplishment was still shocking to me. I had spent the past year, voice recording the original book, converting the raw content into files that I could edit, reading complete manuals and watching tutorials on how to effectively edit the material to fit within the required fields on Audible, then editing the audio files to finally convert them into mp3. It was lots of work and very hard!

My friend had walked out life with me the entire year, while I was working on this audiobook. She heard about the grueling work on many a days, was familiar with the many obstacles confronted to bring the many pieces of the audiobooks' puzzle together, knew the many times I wanted to quit, and definitely heard my complaining repeatedly. Along the way, she would encourage me to keep going, because it was clear that I had to finish what I started. As if her gentle reminders weren't enough, my prayer community started a sermon series called "Finish What you Start." God himself was now stepping in to make sure I stayed the course as well. (Don't think for one second that I didn't want to smack the messenger!)

After submitting the project to Audible for review the first time, it was rejected. My heart was crushed!!! I was told that I had extraneous sounds in the first and last seconds of some of the audio files. When I got that message, I was sick to my stomach. I set out to go through the files, once again, from beginning to the end, editing the extraneous noises.

I finished editing the first ten chapters again and decided that I'd email Audible's team to get the exact files that needed to be corrected. It took someone several days to respond to my email but when he did, I had the exact five chapters that needed to be fixed. I spent the next week, around the clock, working on editing the audio files. When I finished editing them, I decided to submit the project, which had been covered in prayer, to Audible again.

Several days passed without me hearing anything from Audible. I prepared for bad news again and went back to reviewing the files once again.

In the middle of collecting clothes and shoes for families in a shelter, unbeknownst to me, I received an email from Audible congratulating me for the approval of my new audiobook. Although I had received that email in my inbox, it was not until many hours later that I actually saw and read it. "Congratulations, your audiobook, Thirty Days of Thanks: A Journey Towards Healing and Deliverance is now available for sale on and will be available on itunes and Amazon within the next two days ." I read the words but somehow they were playing in slow motion in my head. Finally, I did it! The project which was the bane of my existence for an entire year was complete.

Excited and emotional, I began to share the news with anyone and everyone I could possibly think of. I was finished! Sharing the news felt like I was giving my victory speech while standing on a national award platform stage. Every hardship, trauma, and headache during that entire year, presenting obstacles to finish the work, had been conquered in one sentence. I conquered it! (To God be the glory!!!!!!) I finally finished what I started.

Today as I give thanks for finishing what I started, I'd like for everyone to consider donating to New Life Covenant Southeast Ministries ( During this season, my church asks for a collection of $25 from several hundred people to provide a Christmas for children whose parents are incarcerated. If you've ever seen a child's eyes and heart light up at something being under the Christmas tree for them when there are signs of lack everywhere in their lives, you understand why donating this money for this cause is very important. Last year we raised enough to give hundred of children, whose parents were incarcerated, presents for the holiday season.

Love ya,

Have a Great Day of Thanks!

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