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God's Final Word

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Day 4: God’s Final Word


Ezekiel 21:27 I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.

Luke 18:27 Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

Song: “See A Victory” Elevation Worship

Happy Fourth Day of Thanks Everyone!

Today, I give thanks for the fact that God can turn any impossible situation around and that God's truth always trumps the facts. God always has the final say in any matter.

A few months ago, I was either going into or coming out of a period of fasting and prayer and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “Pray for the Impossible because I am going to do it!” I love when God begins to tell me there is an open heaven, kairos moment for my prayers to be answered. Interestingly enough, the minute God spoke those words to me, that week I began to have people continuously calling my phone with requests for prayer, needing breakthrough in nearly impossible situations. One of my spiritual daughters, who has had reproductive issues and who hadn’t received her menstrual cycle in years asked for prayer and started to have a normal menstrual cycle. I asked for God to give my organization breakthrough in getting money to implement our Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront Plan, which we had been fighting years to implement. Our congressman sent us word a day or two after that he allotted millions of dollars in his budget for us to receive the money. One of my other spiritual daughters was petitioning God for a strategy to get a house. God answered and brought all of the divine connections she needed to get closer to having her dream home. It was situation after situation that was yielding the possible from impossible circumstances.

In one particular instance, one of my mentees called me devastated, saying that she needed my help, because she had failed a course’s remediation in her first year of medical school. This meant she had to sit before an academic board to see if they would kick her out of medical school or make her repeat the entire year for this one course. Medical schools here in the U.S. have very little mercy for their students. This was a real blow because just a year earlier, we were relentlessly pursuing her dream to get into medical school for her to realize that her dream could crumble right before her eyes and for one class failure. I also should mention that months earlier she had pressed her way through an entire semester sick with the aftermath of a COVID-19 infection, she grappled with the reality that she needed to get neuropsychological testing for the depression she was experiencing in medical school; she was having relationship issues with her long-distanced boyfriend and may also have had an undiagnosed learning disability.

She called me at the perfect time. Remember, my mandate from God was to pray and ask him for the impossible. Because of COVID-19, her school had made some provision for students who failed the final exam in two separate courses to take the exams over. However, they wouldn’t make a provision or exception for her because she failed a course the first time, not having enough points to pass the overall course, even though she passed the final exam. Then, due to testing anxiety, she failed the final exam at the remediation (second attempt). My first question to her was, “what do you want to happen?” She replied, “I want to stay in medical school. I have to meet with the academic dean today; I want to ask him if I can submit a grade appeal request to see if they would give me the same provision to take the final exam again.” She asked me to proofread her appeal and make all the necessary edits to it. After agreeing to edit her appeal, I ministered to her for several minutes and walked her through the scriptures the Lord had spoken to my spirit to give her and on which we were going to be meditating and praying for her particular circumstance. Then, we prayed and I committed to pray for her during the exact time she was meeting with the dean.

During her meeting with the dean, he was very helpful and gave her sound advice, suggesting that she do another type of appeal because the one she wanted to submit would probably be a much longer process. He warned her that the short-process appeal would probably be denied because the professor who taught the course she had failed was the chair of that appeals committee. (Yikes!) Although she was a little discouraged, I reminded her to trust God and to believe the scriptures on which He gave us to pray and meditate. She proceeded to submit the different appeal. I told her to make sure that when she submitted the appeal she also made a concrete study plan to show me, herself, and the committee how serious she was about guaranteeing that she would successfully past the exam, if the committee granted her permission to take it.

Five days later, she sat for her level 1 grade appeal and was denied. I calmly told her “don’t worry about what the facts look like. Keep pressing and stand on the word of God and keep praying the scriptures God has already spoken to you about your victory in this battle.” She told me that she had already planned to escalate the appeal to level 2 by the evening of the next day. I asked her if they gave her the reason for the denial so that she could revise her next appeal statement. She submitted the next appeal and for the next two weeks, I greased her situation in prayer several times daily. I even had my intercessory prayer partners praying for her too. I would check in with her every two or three days to see how her studying was coming along and to see if we had heard anything from the committee yet.

On the two-week mark, I got a text message proclaiming, “Dr. Barber, by the grace of God, they’re letting me take the test again on July 26. Thank you for your prayers and support.” We were close to victory but not quite there yet. I asked her, “are we ready to crack this test wide open and pass with flying colors?” She had two more weeks to study for and pass that final exam to move on to her second year of medical school. She assured me that she was studying and meeting with her tutor daily and that she would be ready to take the test. I continued to pray for her mind to be unlocked to retain the high volume of information she needed to know for the test. I prayed against test anxiety and that she would have a peace that passed all understanding as she took the test. I prayed for her tutor and divine connections with professors to help her study adequately. You name it, I prayed it and reminded God that he said if I prayed for the impossible, He would answer.

Thirteen days later, I received another text. “I passed my exam!!! I’m moving on to year 2!!!! In spite of all the difficulties, my baby girl remembered the original two words that God had given us when she was applying to medical school-- “relentlessly pursue.” She did it then and watched God have the final say in her getting into medical school. She had done it again, in her appeals, and watched the Lord have the final say and turn around an impossible situation and give her victory. She was going into her second year of medical school and it was definitely by the grace of God.

My mentee learned some valuable lessons during this situation that you should also know too. As a kingdom citizen, she had the ability to do things others can't do. Through her faith in God, her belief in His word (the Bible) and her pursuit, she had the power to activate spiritual laws that would help her overcome anything she was facing. She understood clearly who she was as she read and meditated on the word that God had given her; it told her the rights and privileges she had as a daughter of our Heavenly Father. Most importantly, she learned that she was the catalyst that causes things to happen.

Don’t you just love it when God shows off and shows us just who He is and the power of His might?

Today, as I give thanks for God’s Final Word, I would like for you to donate your time and prayers to these two amazing organizations that make the impossible possible for children and their families, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital ( and the Ronald McDonald House (!/donation/checkout). Lilah has had some friends frequent each place and they have allowed children and their parents to have as much peace and joy as possible, during some of the most stressful and heartbreaking circumstances. You will not regret giving your resources to save the lives of their young patients.

Love Ya,

Have A Great Day of Thanks

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