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Godly Encounters (The Lion of Judah)

Day 30: Godly Encounters (The Lion of Judah)

"It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear." Isaiah 65:24

Today, I give thanks for Godly Encounters, moments when God reveals a facet of Himself to his children. When God shows up and you "see" Him, you will never be the same.

I remember the day when the world received the news that "45" won the election. I had a real prayer session with God asking Him, " do you really love us? Are we really part of your plan? Are you really for us or should I be serving another God?" I could not imagine how this presidency made any sense at all in the eyes of a just and righteous God. By the "us," first, I meant non-Caucasian people, because it was clear that our president was a hard-core racist, and then I meant our nation. That was a long prayer session. I left the session with God simply replying, "Trust me." That was a tall order but I knew that if the Almighty wise God had allowed this to happen and was saying to trust Him in the situation, He had to be strategizing to bring forth a divine plan He had already orchestrated. Later God shared with me that in this presidency, He was exposing the heart of our nation and allowing "us," especially those of us who call ourselves Christians and part of the Body of Christ, to witness just how divided we are and how we have let the stronghold of racism pervade our hearts and minds and separate us from the very God that we say we serve. Spiritually, God has revealed so much more about what has been happening throughout these four years and has exposed people for who they really are. Of course, it is way too much to write in this post. But, I can say I have sat horrified as I witnessed just how evil and wicked mankind has become. 

As this year approached, I think it's safe to say that everyone who opposed this presidency was making it a point to rock the vote and galvanize massive amounts of folk to acknowledge the importance of their vote and to do the same. The tension throughout the campaigns and debates was electrifying. The divide of our nation was clearly evident. Spiritually, there was a huge war happening in the heavenlies that required constant, strategic, intercession. In the earthly realm, each day, the people of this nation were learning a new level of tolerance, patience, forgiveness, injustice and the power of each of our voices. Personally, I said little in conversations and prayed more. I tried my best to listen more and observe the thoughts and actions of people.

Election week, I committed to fasting and praying because I knew that we needed a serious turnaround in our nation. I decided that I wasn't doing an early ballot because I wanted to make sure I could see that my actual vote was registered and counted. I saw the long lines for early voting and decided that I'd engage in my old faithful practice of leaving my house 30 min before the polls opened on Election Day so that I could be the first, or one of the first people to vote.

This year, I left my house, which is two blocks from my voting site, thirty minutes early and encountered a line of about a block and half long with people who had my same brilliant idea. Go figure! As I walked towards the line, I had my intercessory worship music playing and was praying over our region, the election site and the voters who were waiting. Although I was dreading the wait in the cold, I was so excited that there was such a huge turnout of my community. I even made a note to self that for the next election, I should present to my coalition the idea of sponsoring tables of coffee or tea in the cold for the folks waiting. 

I was praying the entire time I was waiting on the line to vote and spiritually, I sensed the presence of evil. When the polling site actually opened and the line started to move forward, as I got closer to the door, I felt a debilitating sharp pain in my back that kept intensifying. As I prayed, I asked God about the sharp pain I was feeling and from where it had come. God revealed that the pain was a plot of the wicked to strick the people waiting on line with debilitating pain so that they would not wait to vote and return home. Learning that fact, I intensified my prayer in the spirit and began to rebuke and cast down every plot of wickedness, spirit of infirmity, malicious intent. You name it and I rebuked it. 

At one point, I noticed myself say in the prayer " Lion of Judah come! Break the neck of your enemies and reveal yourself as strong and Mighty!"  Within two seconds of me praying those words, a huge orange and white colored alley cat appeared from the street on my left side with a huge rat, with a broken neck, on display hanging from his mouth. The rat was enormous and at least 8 inches long. The huge cat was in no rush to leave our eye sights. He stayed on the side walk to the left of the line and showed all of us for about 7 minutes how " Bold, Strong, and Mighty" he was with his dead prey in his mouth. 

I was so excited to behold that sight. I shouted, "Yasssss, Lord! Thank you Jesus" at least fifty times during that encounter. I know everyone on that line must have thought I had a moment and had completely lost my mind.

Everyone started to commit on how repulsed they were at seeing the cat with the rat in his mouth. People walking on the side walk ensured they kept a huge distance between themselves and the cat as the walked by it. 

However, I was excited!  I was so excited that I wanted to take out my phone and memorialize the cat with the rat in his mouth but knew that everyone would think I was completely gross for taking a picture and showing it. "Oh My God!" I kept thinking to myself. Then, I started telling God, "You are so awesome! Thank you for answering prayer." 

After the cat's seven-minute display as a conqueror, he decided to walk through the line of voters into an alley. I wish you could have seen his stride. When he decided to walk through the alley, the people on the left of the line inched up and the people to the right of the line moved back. It was almost like a parting of the sea and the alley a royal red carpet walk. The cat didn't run. He strolled through the line, as if he was on display, and walking on a red carpet. The sight was so marvelous. 

I know you probably think I've gone bonkers, but symbolically, God had just showed up representing Himself to me as the Lion of Judah. Isaiah 65:24 says, "before they call, I will answer, while they are still speaking, I will hear." It was not a coincidence that no sooner than I had said "Lion of Judah come" that the huge orange and white colored cat came. I'm sure God could have had a lion breakout of  the Bronx zoo and come to the side walk where I stood but, the cat, which is in the same evolutionary branch, was symbolic enough. It is no coincidence that the rat's neck was completely broken and his head was completely engulfed by the cat's mouth while the rest of his body was hanging from it. I had prayed for God to "break the neck of His enemies" to ensure that their evil was annihilated and their reign of terror could be no more. It was no coincidence that the cat stayed on display for at least 7 minutes directly to my left side within 2-3 feet away from me on that sidewalk to ensure that I and everyone else would see Him. We had to all witness his boldness, his strength, his might, and his ability to conquer and destroy his enemy. It was not even a coincidence that the cat never ran, he strolled the entire time. And that parting of the line was so majestic and symbolic of the entrance of royalty.

God is so incredible! Not only did he show up as the Lion of Judah, He revealed to me that the "reign of terror" of this presidency was over. He had completely broke the neck of his enemy.  When I got home, I couldn't wait to tell my people what God had just showed and revealed to me. As I told my friends in excitement what I had witnessed, they were more excited that I had not taken a picture to show them what I had witnessed. Although, they were utterly grossed out just hearing about the details of the dead rat, they too were excited about God revealing Himself in that way.

That moment wasn't even the icing on the cake. For the entire week, I was given prophetic words, where God mentioned Himself by name as the Lion of Judah to me. He gave me more dreams and visions revealing this facet of Himself to me. Ya'll, my Daddy has stepped into the arena of my life to destroy every single one of my enemies. Everything that has been delayed due to attack by evil forces, is now released! I am victorious and more than a conqueror over ALL the areas in my life because the Lion of Judah, paid it all, and conquered it all to give me access to EVERY promise God has for me. 

Today, as I give thanks for Godly Encounters and God's revealing of His many facets to us,  I invite you to witness this new chapter and new season of revealing in my life. As you watch, you will witness what miracles, signs and wonders look like. You will see what "abundance" and "overflow" look like, as a result of sacrifice. You will see the reflection of who the Lion of Judah is and what He does for his children.

Love Ya,

Have a great day of thanks!

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