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Gratitude Makes all the Difference

If you have ever had to sit with the feelings and emotions of almost losing something, then you know exactly what it felt like to realize that the thing or person wasn't lost at all. Your gasp for air as a sigh of relief that you could have or hold it for another moment of time solidified that all would be okay. This has been the ebb and flow of the last thirteen years of my life. On six different occasions, I thought I was going to lose my daughter. The flashes of thoughts that would run through my head in split seconds that reminded me, if the situation situation had gone completely different, I wouldn't have had another second to see my baby smile, enjoy her laugh, hear her sing, admire her artwork, and mimic her fashion style. But, the loss didn't happen and I'm so grateful that it didn't. I now know how to ALWAYS cherish the small, seemingly insignificant, moments and give thanks for the privilege to see her smile and hear her call out "Mommy." It's a blessing beyond what I could have ever asked.

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