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Miracles of Healing

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Day 16: Healing Miracles

“The LORD will sustain him on his sickbed, and restore him from his bed of illness.” Psalms 41:3

Happy Sixteenth Day of Thanks!

I’m giving thanks for miracles of healing today. Each time I see a miracle of healing, my prayer life increases, my faith rises and I know that Lilah’s complete healing is coming.

A few weeks ago, during the “Prayer Closet,” my Monday night prayer call, my friend asked for prayer for her dad who was having heart trouble and needed surgery. After all of the prayer request were received, I was asked to pray for her father. Several moments into the prayer for her dad, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so strongly takeover my mouth and my words. The only other way I can describe it is to say that I felt virtue power rhythmically discharging from my body as I spoke the words of that prayer. I was not only led to pray for the most intricate details of his heart (ie. auricles, ventricles, valves, arteries, veins) but, I was led to prayer for his kidneys, his liver, his lungs and other organs so specifically that it surprised me. I had no idea why I was being urged to pray for all those other organs if we were dealing with his heart as the primary concern. I remember finishing up the prayer with these two declaration: “thank you God for cleaning up and fixing everything in his body” and “when you do this Lord, he will declare ‘Jesus did it’ to all those who look upon him and wonder how it happened.”

Afterwards, the entire prayer group said they were encouraged by the prayer and felt every request being answered while the words were being spoken. We all declared that we couldn’t wait to see the miracle of what Jesus would do with my friend’s father. We committed to keep praying throughout the week for every request mentioned during the call, for my friend’s dad and all other folks. We said our good-byes and ended the prayer call. A week passed. We were all excited with anticipation to hear about the miracle of healing that had taken place in her father’s life after the prayer. But, although we were on the prayer call, my friend was missing and we had not received an update from her concerning her dad either. That week, each of shared how we were doing, made our prayer request known, prayed for my friend’s dad again along with the other request and ended that week’s call.

The following week, my friend was finally on the prayer call. Thank God! My anticipation and excitement had reached its pinnacle and I couldn’t wait to hear the great news that she had to tell us. My excitement was bubbling so much that I felt like my heart was about to explode. My friend starts to give us the testimony, which had so many twists and turns. She started, “I felt so good after that prayer. I just knew everything was going to be okay. I went to bed and got a call from my sister a few hours later telling me that I needed to come because my father went into cardiac arrest and was being rushed to the hospital. There I was at 5 am in the morning at the airport, trying to get a flight down south. All I could do was say, ‘God what happened with the prayer we prayed last night?’ I arrived to see my dad full of tubes and in the worst shape. Since he was in a teaching hospital, we had to give permission for every single procedure that was being done to him. Not only did we have to sign off on the heart surgery but we had to give permission for them to put a tube in his neck. Every time, the medical team came to us there was something else that seemed to be going wrong. It was a lot for us to deal with and to keep having to give permission for another procedure. I have to be honest and say my faith was at a low at that point and I just kept saying, ‘God what happened to the prayer?’ After the surgery for his heart, the medical team said he had internal bleeding in his liver and had to go back in to stop it. They didn’t know if the damage had occurred from the defibrillator or chest compressions. I just kept saying, ‘But, the prayer, Lord?’ Then, they came back and told us that his kidneys were failing. And then I remembered, wait a minute, she prayed for that too. I told my mother how you had prayed so specifically for all those other organs and declared how everything needed to be completely fixed and healed too. That prayer began to really sustain me when the reality of everything else seemed to be completely different. Eventually, they had to put my father on a vent. When it was time to wean him off the vent, he FAILED the test FOUR TIMES. They said they didn’t know if he was failing the test because his lungs were done or if it was because he was just tired. After everything, which was several days, we were exhausted. The medical team sent us home and told us to get some rest. My mother got a call the next morning. The medical team told us that they didn’t know what happened but he was completely up and fine (in his right mind) and asking where my mom was and saying that he wanted to see her.”


We all begin to praise God.

My friend's father has left the hospital and is at home in recovery.

Did you read what I wrote? His heart was failing. His liver was bleeding. His kidneys were failing. He was on a vent and failed his respiratory test four times. But, now the man was up, completely fine and asking for his better half. And now he's home in recovery. (Ya’ll better act like ya’ll know!) My GOD IS A HEALER! The Blood of Jesus shed on that Cross has the same miracle working and sustaining power that it had over 2000 years ago. As we say in the church, “the blood still works!” Yes, miracles of healing are still happening TODAY.

As I was streaming bible study several weeks ago and Pastor John F. Hannah of New Life Covenant in Chicago, Illinois began to declare that November and December of 2020 would be months of miracles, signs and wonders, I stepped into that declaration and took it as my own. In these two months, I have seen God do miracles in so many different areas of my life and in the lives of the many people for whom I am praying. When heaven’s declaration in the beginning of this quarter was “in the last three months of this year, I will do more in your life than I have done in your last 20 years,” I grabbed that declaration too, believing God at his word and have seen God move incredibly. Financial breakthroughs have come, healings have come, elevations have come, favor has come, an unexpected apology has come. It is all too much for me to even write in this one sitting. I guess you all are just going to have to stay on the journey to hear more. God is and has been working in my and the lives of those in my sphere of influence.

God is absolutely incredible and can do anything but fail! What miracle are you in need of? The windows of heaven are open. As I write, I feel (discern) that there is somebody out there who is reading this who doesn’t believe in God or is on the fence about whether He exists and wondering if He would do something this great (a miracle) in your life or the lives of your love ones. God says Ask for it and let Him prove to you that He is real and exists! Lay it at His feet and watch Him perform it.

On every ounce of faith that I have in my God, I triple double dare you to do it! Ask Him for what you need! My only request is that you contact me to let me know what God did and when He did it. The Bible says that we are overcome by the blood of the lamb (the blood of Jesus shed on the cross) and the words of our testimony. Your story will be a seed that will grow and increase the faith of others that need the courage to ask for what they need too.

Today as we give thanks for miracles of healing, I invite you to bless the organizations, Operation smile ( and Smile Train ( who give beautiful smiles to children who have been born with cleft lips or palates.

Love Ya,

Have a great day of thanks!

P.S. If you are looking for a great holiday gift to bless someone or folks, please consider buying my book "Thirty Days of Thanks: A Journey Towards Healing and Deliverance" on or on Amazon.

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