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Mark 5:41 NIV

He went in and said to them, “Why all this commotion and wailing? The child is not dead but asleep.” But they laughed at him. After he put them all out, he took the child’s father and mother and the disciples who were with him, and went in where the child was. He took her by the hand and said to her, “Talitha koum!” (which means “Little girl, I say to you, get up!”). Immediately the girl stood up and began to walk around (she was twelve years old). At this they were completely astonished.

More than able by Elevation Worship (featuring Chandler Moore & Tiffany Hudson)

Happy Sixteenth Day of Thanks Everyone!

Today I am so grateful for resurrections! I know that we rarely see or hear about miracles of resurrections but believe me they do still happen. My daughter has a rare form of menstrual/hormonal induced epilepsy called catamenial seizures. During many Easter weekends for the past few years, she has experienced seizures due to her menstrual cycle. In 2022, I remember writing in my journal about Lilah’s resurrection story that I will share here:

Today, my heart is a little raw and tired. I'm caught in the throes of being a mother who's seen her child suffer one too many times and being an avid lover of Jesus, the Christ, who answers prayer, loves, saves, delivers and sets free. Today as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Lilah and I have our own resurrection story that I'd like to share if you don't mind hearing it....


We don't have a respite worker anymore. She resigned from her post to pursue her PhD studies. So, yesterday, I had to run an errand and take Lilah with me, although she is in menstrual cycle mode, which for her has equated to having seizures since she was 7 1/2 years old. We left the house, got about 10-15 minutes into the errand and Lilah had a seizure. Grabbing her in time, before a disastrous fall to the head and body on the concrete pavement could have taken place, I made sure her airway was secure, took out my phone to time the seizure, ensured no harmful objects were in the vicinity, and, as humanly possible, gently placed her between both of our bookbags to let her rest out her postictal phase for the next few minutes. Kneeling on the concrete to be at Lilah's level and monitor her breathing and comfort, I was, simultaneously, thanking God that we avoided another fall (She just had one two days prior that landed her in the ER for 5 stitches to the head) and for protection, while mentally beating myself up for not just staying home and avoiding the errand all together. I prayed that Lilah's post-ictal phase was short and her bounce back quick so that I could get her into a taxi and bring her home, which was five blocks away.

As I was on my knees and in the stooping position, I was amazed at how callous the world had become. Several people were at the bus stop and many people passing by, all of whom looked at Lilah's body laying on the concrete and her head on my bookbag, and no on stopped to ask if I needed help or if we were okay. Minutes later, an elderly gentlemen in his late seventies or early eighties, with a cane hobbled toward us and asked me if I and Lilah were okay and how he could help me. (Talk about help from a Samaritan, the person who is least likely expected to help was the one who offered help. It was beautiful.)

With a calm and gentle nature, He asked, "is she okay? Is she with you or was she by herself? Her breathing seems to be okay. How can I help you?" I thanked him for caring, let him know that I was waiting for her to rest off her post-ictal and would call a taxi to bring us home once she could get up. He said "my daughter suffered with seizures and it's not easy. Please, make sure you take good care of her." My reply, "Of course. Always." He hobbled away. 

I called Lilah every few minutes to see where she was in her post-ictal phase. With each call, she opened her eyes, but let me know she wasn't able to move yet. Five minutes later, the elderly gentleman came back over. "Mami, she still sleeping? You don't want to call to get her some help?" I told him that she was almost ready. A few minutes later, at about the 12/15 minute call, Lilah opens her eyes, moves her arms and legs and I ask "are you able to get up now?" She signals that she's ready for the attempt. I called the taxi and I offered Lilah my help and strength to get up. Lilah stands up and I see and hear the sighs of all the onlookers who had been watching the scene, as they waited for the bus. 

I couldn't help but think about what the scene looked like from their vantage point. Was it like a Lazarus moment for them? (I'm hoping that they didn't think she was dying because not one of them called 911 or asked me if I needed help.) Right before their eyes, they saw someone laid out in the middle of the street, who could have seemingly been lifeless or on their way there, just get up. Were they amazed that she even got up? Did they think she was out for the count as she was laying there? I heard the sighs and wondered what it felt like for them. 

I knew what that moment felt like for me.

 From my vantage point, I had two perspectives and was wearing two hats--mommy and doctor--both of which required me to ensure that she was completely safe and well. Mission accomplished! I was elated and grateful! Once again, God was our Savior and Protector. Lilah was breathing, had life, and was okay. My baby just escaped another near fatal experience; she didn't fall and we didn't have to go to the butcher shop (the other name for our local hospital). I could get Lilah out of this embarrassing situation, out the street and off the concrete, and bring her home, to rest in her comfortable bed. All these emotions were going through my mind, so I can only imagine what Lilah was thinking and feeling with each call and each movement.

 Lilah got up! 

The Uber came in about 5 minutes, which gave us enough time to gauge her ability to fully stand and take steps in her full weight. She could and she did. 

Lilah got up ya'll...just like Jesus did. (She is my Shero!) And she too has a resurrection story, orchestrated by God, that someone will be telling for years to come.


In 2023, in anticipation for Easter Sunday service, I got up early and started to prepare my and Lilah’s clothes for church. About an hour later, she had a seizure while she was sleeping. I dropped everything to cater to Delilah’s needs and decided that I’d watch her like a hawk through her post-ictal phase to makes sure she didn’t have another one. Delilah stayed asleep and about two hours later, 10 am, she had another one. I knew that our plans to go to an in-person church service was shot and got my computer to plug in to service virtually. I started to have a heart-to-heart with God and thank Him. As with most of her seizures that have occurred over the past 12.5 yrs, we see the hand of God protect her through each one. We have prayed and praised our way through each seizure and saw renewed strength as the final outcome. In this particular post-ictal experience, Delilah opened her eyes and searched for my hand and wrapped her hand in mine and then closed her eyes to rest again. 


Lilah’s gesture touched me to my core; I began to think about Jesus’ Resurrection and what it meant to me and for me.  Here is some of what I wrote:


Jesus has Risen!!!!!

For every believer the Resurrection should be personal. You know where you've been and where you are. You know what Jesus saved you from and how He covered you in ALL your messes. The Resurrection is personal for me because I know that very soon the same miracle working power that resurrected Christ from the dead will resurrect Lilah and we will never see sickness ever again. But, until the physical manifestation of that healing happens for her, Lilah knows that there is safety (prayer and praise) in my hands/arms that she can rest in. Safety that will press to get her on the other side of what she is going through.

Death and the grave can't hold her down just like it couldn't do to her savior. There is a time stamp for this suffering. And then there is a resurrection. And she will get up. AMEN!!!!!!


Shortly after writing what I wrote, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, share it. I wasn’t going to share it, initially, but after the second nudge, I shared it with a few friends. A few seconds later, a friend sent me a video of one of the ministers in her church reading my message to the entire congregation. The minister shared how she wasn’t doing too well, emotionally, and was trying to amp herself up so that she could come before the congregation to speak. She received my text about Lilah’s testimony and what the Resurrection meant to me and it gave her the encouragement that she needed to speak. Not only did Lilah and I have and witness a resurrection story, but the minister and everyone in that congregation who reflected on their life had a resurrection story as well. Because Jesus has risen, we all have risen. Everyone’s suffering has an end date. At that time, there will be complete restoration and healing because Christ said so in His declaration on Calvary, “It is finished!”


Today as we give thanks for resurrections, I invite you to donate to the Ronald McDonald House at This wonderful organization hosts families and provides comfort, care and support in one of their charity houses close to a hospital where the family’s severely ill children are being treated.


Love Ya,

Have a Great Day of Thanks!

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