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Sound: Key of David

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Day 9: Sound: Key of David

"Blessings and Honor" by Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ

Matthew 16:19 “And that’s not all. You will have complete and free access to God’s kingdom, keys to open any and every door: no more barriers between heaven and earth, earth and heaven. A yes on earth is yes in heaven. A no on earth is no in heaven.”

Happy Ninth Day of Thanks Everyone!

This year has been an eye-opening year concerning revelation and understanding of so many things that have happened in my family's lineage, my life and my daughter's life. In February 2022, God confirmed in my heart, through a friend, that I was to read, study and meditate on the second and twenty second chapters of each book in the Bible. I can't even begin to tell you how those readings and studies transformed my life. Little did I know that when I got to the second chapter of the 12th book of the Christian Bible (2 Kings 2), God would literally give me a road map of Delilah Christina's journey toward her complete healing and deliverance. God also gave me a sermon series "Unlocking the Portals: Unleashing the Glory of God to Manifest Open Heavens of Miracles, Signs, and Wonders." God shared how Delilah Christina and I would be on a similar journey to Elijah and Elisha's journey to get to the complete manifestation of Delilah's healing; every location (Bethel, Jericho, Jordan River) they stopped were significant, symbolic, spiritual portals/dimensions that would need to be unlocked for Delilah to arrive at complete healing.

The daily downloads of revelation are just way too much to write in the space of this or any other reflection. The overall gist is that each location from beginning to end was also a symbolic representation of the outer courts of Moses' Ark of the Covenant into the Most Holy Place. Because each location is a door or portal to unlocking open heavens, Lilah and I have had to learn about spiritual locks, keys, and gates. We've had to learn how to open doors, which key will open a door, and the barriers of resistance that impede the opening of a door. We've had to learn about the intentionality of fasting and the fervency and persistency in praying to yield specific results. We've also had to tune or ears with the frequency of heaven to know when and how to navigate through the dimension we were in.  It has been so awe-striking to personally learn about and have God reveal what each portal represents. It has also been mind-blowing to go from one portal/dimension to another in real time. 

During a part of our journey, God mentioned that I had to study the key of David. I started looking for all the mentions of the Key of David in the Bible and reading about its significance. One day, the Lord revealed that the "Key" of David wasn't just a physical key, but that the "key" was an actual chord (a musical note). That blew my mind for several reasons. In all the many positions (warrior, king, priest) King David held, he was first and foremost a worshipper. When God speaks about King David being a man after his own heart, God was acknowledging that David knew how to tap into worship, by producing a sound (a chord, if you will), which was also a key that (i) unlocked the door to God's heart, (ii) unlocked the door to an open heaven, and (iii) unlocked the door to deliverance from mental insanity and mind-altering spirits. 

That last point is incredibly important!!!!! Hear and understand this. King David's worship (a key) unlocked spiritual doors and gates that allowed for the unleashing of God's glory into the earth to manifest healing and deliverance. Each time David played or sang for King Saul, David's sound would deliver King Saul's mind from the evil spirits that plagued him. (A careful analysis of King Saul's mental trips has some serious resemblance to bipolar disorder.) His sound was the key that unlocked the door to healing and deliverance. If you are still having a difficult time of wrapping your head around this concept, think about modern day voice activated locks. When a voice activated lock hears your voice, essentially your sound, it will automatically unlock the lock on the door and give you access to what is on the other side of the door. So, if healing and deliverance are on the other side of a door that is activated by sound, one must yield that sound to open the door. 

This was a huge revelation for me and Delilah. Why, you ask? Delilah, just like King David is a worshipper and has been called to the kingdom of God as a minstrel, who would sing the melodies of heaven, since before she was born and even while she was knit together in my womb. Delilah has always been a musically inclined child, has perfect pitch, and has those long piano fingers that I have anointed since she came out of my belly. When Delilah sings and worships, she sets atmospheres for the glory of God to be unleashed. Whenever she has been sick or has had a seizure, worship has always been her way of nursing herself back to health. Since Delilah's sound is so potent--unlocking God's heart, igniting open heavens, and yielding deliverance--the enemy has spent the last seventeen years of her life trying to rob her sound. However, Delilah and I have spent those same years destroying the works of the enemy and pressing to release as much of her sound into the earth as possible. 

Just this year, I discovered how important Delilah's sound was when we were in the middle of a deliverance session. When I called out the spirits that were locking up her sound and prophetic voice, the spirits of insanity, violence and anger rose up to attack me so fiercely. The attack was to stop her sound from being released! After those spirits were cast out, she released her first original song with words that I could understand, "Jesus, My Heart belongs to You." For a week after its release, there were spirits speaking to Delilah saying, " Delilah, don't play piano! Don't sing that song!" I would be right there rebuking the words of those spirits and telling them that she was going to sing and play her piano. No matter how much they would fight Delilah to not sing, I would sing her song and play it on the piano until Delilah tapped into my voice and sang it for herself. 

The knowledge of and about a thing is serious power!

As I had originally prepared for this year's Thirty Days of Thanks, my original plan was to have the movement in poetry form since all of my ideas and themes came that way. One of the poems I created "Knowledge is Power" spoke to this very theme. I'd like to share it since it was my original thought on this theme's reflection.

Knowledge is Power

My sound is a key

unlocking any and every door in the kingdom.

My sound is a chord  

frustrating the plans of the enemy.

My sound is an SOS signal

sending legions of angels to my rescue.

My sound is warfare

annihilating territorial spirits forcing them to release the land.

My sound is an advocate

defending the poor, the marginalized, the disenfranchised.

My sound is powerful.

No wonder they are always trying to silence it.

© 2022 Melissa Barber

Today as we give thanks for sound, please consider giving to UpbeatNYC ( and the Cheryl Porter Foundation (, which give the gift of music and empower young people to unleash their voices and sounds within the earth. 

Love ya, 

Have a great Day of Thanks! 

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