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The Steps Toward Victory

Day 13: The Steps Toward Victory


Job 23:10 But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.

Song: Refiner’s Fire

Happy Thirteenth Day of Thanks Everyone!

Today, I give thanks for every step of the process which we must undergo to become our greatest selves and to live in the victory and abundance of God.

Several days ago, using the biblical context within the fifth and sixth chapters of the book of Joshua, one of the leaders of my prayer group taught about the steps one must take to reach victory. She highlighted how there was some preparatory work that needed to be done before any battle to obtain victory. First, the Lord speaks to Joshua and tells him that the Israelites have to undergo consecration in order to possess the land of their inheritance. God takes away the manna, the survival food they were given to eat in the wilderness, and the people now start to eat from the land of their promise (Canaan). It is in this moment that Joshua and the Israelites are rid of the shame of Israel’s past and their wilderness experience and emotionally prepared to meet their future. Later, Joshua has an encounter with the Host of the Angel Armies, where Joshua is made aware that he is in the presence of the Lord. After acknowledging that the Lord is in Joshua’s midst, Joshua bows down to worship him. Because Joshua sows seeds of worships, in spite of what Israel’s situation appears to be as they confront the inhabitants of Jericho, God gives the Israelites a specific strategy to tear down the walls of Jericho.

In order to obtain victory in the battle of Jericho, Joshua had to obey the exact words of the Lord, by implementing the specific details of the strategy that was spoken to him. Joshua had to get the seven priests that would walk in front of the Ark of the Covenant with their ram’s horns. Then, Joshua had to give the Israelites their marching orders. The next step was for all of them to obey the instructions given to march around the Jericho wall in silence as the priest blew their horns. They did just that and, on the seventh day, they watched as the entire Jericho wall crumpled. When the wall fell, the Israelites charged the city to overtake it. What an amazing victory!

Here’s the summation of one’s steps to victory:

1-First, the Lord rids you of the shame of your past and gets you emotionally prepared for your future.

2-Next, God sustains you and gives you a foreshadowing of what is to come. Remember, the Israelites no longer had to eat manna but now got to eat from the vegetation of the land in Canaan.

3-Then, as you are in the presence of the Lord, Sow a seed of worship and praise the Lord.

4-Afterwards, organize your team, those who will help you fight the battle.

Joshua had to organize and prepare the Israelites for consecration and so that they could receive their instructions from the Lord.

5-Next, one has to completely obey the strategy.

Remember, Joshua had to align the priest as God had ordered. The Israelites had to march around the wall for seven days in silence. They had to listen for Joshua’s command to shout so that they could shout and see the walls of Jericho destroyed.

6-Finally, one possesses the land and lives in the abundance.

The Israelites charged Jericho and possessed it, taking the allotment of the spoil that belonged to them and giving God what belonged to Him.

What was truly amazing about this teaching was that God not only gave all the women on the prayer call the steps toward obtaining victory, God also gave us the prayer strategy we each would need according to which step we were in, as we marched toward our victory. If one is in the first step, one needs to pray to be emotionally prepared and pray against shame. If one is in the second step, one has to pray against distraction and to be fully present. If one is in the third step, one has to pray against anything that can uproot your worship. If one is in the fourth step, one has to pray for wisdom and discernment to not compromise the vision. If one is in the fifth step, one has to pray for strength and endurance so that one does not get weary in well doing. If one is in the final step, one must pray to be generous so that one can share your abundance with others.

Today, as we give thanks for the process within the steps towards victory, I invite everyone to assess at which step he/she is and then begin to pray the strategy to bring you closer toward your victory.

Love ya,

Have a Great Day of Thanks!

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