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Melissa Barber


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Melissa Barber is a native of The South Bronx, New York. Her undergraduate education was completed at Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA. She holds a Doctorate of Medicine​ from the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana, Cuba.

Dr. Barber is not only an author, but a healer, teacher, mentor, community organizer, activist, singer, and poet. Melissa wrote "The New Dawn Hotel (Life in the Shelter System)." She is also a very proud single mom of a teenage autistic daughter, Delilah Christina.  They currently reside in the best place on the planet, the South Bronx.

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"A most powerful experience reading each real-life vignette is the realization that Dr. Barber is not only speaking her struggles and lessons, but she’s also speaking yours, proudly, relatably and out loud. She relates experiences many of us do not dare to share in our struggle to remain composed and guarded. More importantly, she shares with clarity and simplicity God’s intended perspective and wisdom for her (and perhaps for your) life from that situation. This book is a call for us to remain open to receive the lesson, a reminder of our God given power over our circumstances, and a push to stand in our light, with brazen, Christ-like humility, joy and trust."

Katherine Y. Tossas, PhD MS

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